The Importance of Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is an incredibly serious concern, and seniors who are abused have about a 300% higher chance of dying within three years of being abused compared to those who are not abused. A recent congressional report found that an exhaustive examination of data collected from several thousand nursing home records over a three-year period revealed that more than 20% of nursing homes in the United States were cited multiple times for alleged violations that may have the potential to result in death. The statistics show that seniors living in abusive environments are much more likely to become victims of neglect, medical abuse, and neglect, or suicide.


The most common types of abuse committed in an abusive environment include medical negligence, abuse due to patient neglect and malnutrition, neglect due to medication abuse, and physical abuse by staff members. Many seniors have no idea they are at risk for abuse when they first enter the nursing home.

Some patients are put under too much stress because their medical conditions are complicated. Because these conditions are complex, doctors often give them medications that can have harmful side effects and could worsen the illness. Other patients are given medications that cannot treat their illness but which do nothing to alleviate their symptoms. The third group of patients are given medications that simply mask their symptoms. Often these drugs are addictive and the side effects of the drugs and the painkillers they contain could make the problem worse.

Regardless of the medications or other factors that make a person vulnerable to abuse in a nursing home, the abuse could be stopped if senior residents in danger received the help they needed. In these cases, the staff member abusing the person has committed the crime against the person while the victim was in a nursing home and is still receiving medical treatment. When senior citizens in an abusive environment are not getting adequate care, they may commit suicide or harm themselves.

Many elderly adults find it difficult to speak up when they are mistreated in any way. They may be afraid that others in the family will not believe them or that they will be laughed at. While it is true that some individuals may think the abuse of a loved one is funny or insignificant, a large number of victims of medical neglect will suffer silently until they have exhausted all other options. and will eventually be forced out of the home where they have been mistreated.

Nursing home abuse does not happen overnight. It takes time to notice the signs of abuse and to intervene before things get out of hand, but victims should become aware that they are at risk if they are placed in an abusive environment.

There are many resources available to help victims of nursing home abuse in Kansas City. If you suspect that your loved one is suffering abuse or if you suspect abuse in another nursing home, you need to contact a trusted medical professional immediately. The best option is to hire a reputable attorney who specializes in nursing home law. A lawyer will be able to advise you on the most effective ways to deal with a situation and will help you file a lawsuit. The most important action to take if you are abused in a nursing home is to make sure that your rights are protected and that you and your loved ones receive the proper care.



The only person to blame for stopping nursing home abuse is you! If you or someone you love is being abused, speak up! If your loved one’s well-being is in jeopardy, be a hero and be the voice of justice.

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